Wednesday, June 05, 2013

30 Minutes Or Less, OR ELSE!

Last week I saw that Burger King in Puerto Rico was promoting a new device that allowed their customers to eat while doing other activities, like dancing, driving, golfing.  The Hands Free Whopper® seemed like a promotional item, made just to go viral for the free press.

Now Domino's UK seems to have topped that with "DomiCopter" a drone that delivers pizzas!

This does not seem very realistic or practical, but it is mind blowing cool!  Let's break this down.  Is it cheaper to replace drivers ($53K) with unmanned drones flown by remote pilots ($93K)?  Which it's not.  But even if the man-power was cheaper, I still think that there are a few other questions that need to be answered...

  1. Are the "DomiCopter" cheap, cuz they may end up stolen or even shot down by kids with pellet guns, (or with the gun culture in this country, it could be shot down by adults with real guns).How much would the insurance and the liability be for this?  
  2. What if it crashes into the house?
  3. Is there anything to prevent it from coming in too fast and shredding the customer?
  4. Will it get in the line of a other flying objects, like a bird, or a plane or Superman? 
  5. How well does it fly in rain or the wind?
  6. Can a hacker redirect these and turn them into a weapon of mass destruction on people who are lactose-intolerant?
Bottom-line, this is not something that is really happening, but it is totally a cool video.  ...AND maybe one day in my future, we will have pizzas delivered by drones.

Domino's has had a very good promotional history.  Everybody (over 35) remembers The Noid, and depending on licensing rights, they should totally bring that guy back.  I would like to see him living in a house with a bunch of young drunken adults on some reality TV show. 

As the quality of the Domino's pizza declined, in exchange for a faster (30 minutes or less) delivery speed, their creative marketing continued.

Back in 2008, the Australian Domino's promoted their barbecue chicken and bacon pizza with a Techno Chicken Dance.

In recent years, Domino's has changed their campaign, and began promoting how much they screwed up.  So they tossed out their recipes and procedures, and started from scratch, now focusing on the quality.  However, they continue with the gimmicks.  Like how they have a Pizza Tracker when you order online, which I did just last weekend.  The concept is simple, on your computer, you can see the progress of your order.  From going into the oven to out for delivery.

Full disclosure: My friend has owned & managed Domino's stores for most of his adult life.  (Yet, I do not benefit from this friendship with free pizzas, or promotional junk, not even a box of cheese, as his stores are in Indiana).  But I have been exposed to the ongoing achievements of this business and am proud to say that he has one of the finest run establishments that I have ever seen.  I am just glad that the corporation has got their act together.

His office is a private museum filled with Domino's promotional items.  All of the photos in this blog are of pics I took of his collection.

Here is a video I made for of one of his locations.  Be aware of running pizza delivery drivers!

Tony Lossano, Broadcast Producer (TV & Radio, Chicago), amateur bicyclist, a fantastic dog walker, and has never been married to Alyssa Milano.

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