Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainbow From Above The Clouds!

This is the most beautiful photo that I have seen all day!  Too bad it is very controversial!

...but who added the caption?
On the Facebook, this has lead to another debate between science and religion.  Perhaps that was the intentions of whomever added the caption, "AMAZING PICTURE TAKEN FROM A PLANE ABOVE THE CLOUDS AND A RAINBOW"

There is no debate, as one person posted this photo in the comment section;

Yet, a debate began in the comments section, (of course it did).

One person named "Travis" wrote;
"fake or not, it saddens me how many people have lost the magic in their lives and only get enjoyment out of ruining other people's fantasies instead of just enjoying the beauty of the photo. just because people created it, does that make it any less fantastical?" 
Which is when another person named "Timothy" replied;
"There are many more amazing and fantastical things in this universe that are real, explained and cannot be ruined.  Just because we bring science into this and explain things before people think something fake is real, doesn't mean we're the bad guys.  for example: birth, space, stars, nebula, tectonic movement and the things it has created.  There's so many that I can't list them all."
At some point, the debate even went on to debate on the choice of words used in the comment section, as "Tim" wrote;
"Fantastical is not a real word. Which does not make it any less fantastical."
Which "Lyssa" then wrote;
"Fantastical, huh? Go back to school."
Camilla ended this portion of the debate with this little entry;
"'Fantastical' actually is a real word. Seems Travis isn't the one who needs to be sent back to school."
...which she backed up with a link to The Free Dictionary, proving that "fantastical" is a real word.

This made me so happy, as this IS a word that I use to say all of the time, and people use to question it!  So, take THAT Mrs. Canepa, my grade school teacher!  I WAS right!

[Sorry, I went a little off-topic here.]

"Mike" made it all clear, when he wrote;
"It is not the picture anyone is taking an objection to, it is the absurd and unnecessary caption. The picture itself would be just as lovely with no words at all, yet some idiot decided to blatantly lie about its origin and present a complete misconception of a scientifically well-known phenomenon. For no. Fucking. Reason. A picture like this needed no explanation at all, just let it be pretty. Christ."
"David" wrote;
"For some reason, i am suddenly filled with road rage, and the urge to throw a turtle shell at someone..."
This silly-ass debate goes on and on...

...and granted, this is a very tamed back-and-forth argument about a very silly topic...but let's not lose focus here...

The debate is over someone adding a caption on a PhotoShopped picture.  This is not something that most people spend a lot of time doing, but these little additions continue to divide people into certain groups.  Think about that.  As that is the real point here.  It keeps you distracted and not noticing the real important issues.

Like, how cool is this photo!

Change one word and there is no debate.
Ironically, the big controversial word in the original caption was "rainbows!"

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