Friday, August 30, 2013

Lotsa Blogs: This is what the people want!

Lotsa Blogs?
Yes, a variety of topics all in one blog, unlike the usual long boring rant, (which will return soon)!  This is what the people want, so this is what the people will get, (again, just temporally).  Now let's see the pros like, Roeper, Zorn or Steinberg to do that!  (Excluding the fact that they actually do that, and much more, everyday.)

Spaceman From Pluto?
I am a kid from the 80's and I love most everything from that era.  One of my favorite movies was Back To The Future.  When Marty McFly, (played by Michael J. Fox for you kids out there), traveled back from the 80's to the 50's, for me, that seemed like a long ago era.  Then recently, I just realized that today's teens are about the age I was back then, and that the 80's would seem like a long ago era to them!

Now this excites me...No, not cuz I realize that I am getting old, but cuz they can experience their own Back To The Future film.  Yes, I am hoping for a remake.  (Michael should get a cameo, but in no way needs to star in it).  Some purist that I have spoken to about this think that this would ruin the original.  Um, NOOOO!!!  We will still have the original, but perhaps, this one could be just as good, or even BETTER!

So, in 2015, they need to release a remake of Back To The Future but instead of going back to 1955, they have to go back to 1985.  Just do not call it Spaceman From Pluto.

No! No! NO!
I am a kid from the 70's, and I recall it being a very hairy decade.  Today we have improved our grooming habits, but have we gone too far?  A TV ad touts:
"...women today prefer men that are trimmed from head to toe"  
What the hell?!?  It is bad enough that aliens do not understand the crazy female rituals, but don't bring that insanity over to us guys!

Another device called the no! no!* has become popular and is also marketed to both women and men.  So, where did this goofy idea come from?  Enjoy this video:

*no!no! is not recommended for use on genitals (sorry)

Finally, A Real Star Will Dance!
Valerie "Rhoda" Harper's fight with terminal brain cancer is "pretty close to remission," months after she was diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.  

Besides fighting cancer, Valerie has just signed to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars.
I met Valerie, back when she was a guest on our old morning radio show back in 2001.  She was one of my personal favorite guests, from those early morning days.

The very lovely & talented Melissa Forman was the radio personality who did the on-air interview with Valerie.  Afterwards, I put Valerie through a hard-hitting Q&A for the web.

Here is her response, as it appeared back then, in her own words:

1) What is your greatest asset?
I have a great deal of energy.

2) What, or who, was responsible with making your first big break successful?
Ethel Winant - Casting Director for CBS 1970 - Sent me in for Rhoda role.

3) What would you like your epitaph to say?
She made a genuine contribution

4) What would you like to do that you have not been able to accomplish yet? 
End Global Hunger

5) Finally, what is your favorite color, food, & scent?
Cranberry Red                      
Dolce & Gabbana Cologne

(Related news: Last week, I shared the good news about how my friend with a very rare and lethal glioneuronal brain tumor was told "there is no longer any evidence that you have a high grade brain tumor".  Great news all around!)

Tag You're It!
16 Days since I reported about some graffiti.  According to the city graffiti staff, my submitted request is still;
"Under review by Bureau of Street Operations" 
Looking at all of the new graffiti in the area, I can guess why it has taken so long.  They have fallen behind a bit, letting the area drop.

Chicago: The City That Works -  Just what they are working on, I have no idea!

Crossing A Blurred Line.
Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines was the hit of the summer, then there was the Miley Cyrus moment on last week's VMA's.  It appears that she failed where Brittany Spears has been successful.  However, it was the most tweeted event, which brought MTV higher ratings, but was the exposure good, or even fair for Miley?

I missed this, as I was watching Breaking Bad.  (Sorry)  What I am puzzled about, is this outrage at Miley.  It wasn't like her nipple was exposed, or anything?  Just like how Janet Jackson got all of the blame for that Superbowl fiasco, but the media totally ignored Justin Timberlake (theatrically) ripping off her top...

Why isn't there a lot of flack about the 36 year old Robin Thicke, twerking with a 20 year old Hanna Montana, live on stage?  I'm not a prude, but there seems to be still too much attention on females being bad, but it is alright for the males.

At least, Janet's nip-slip inspired the creation of YouTube.  What will this create?  Sadly, this may be it...the mainstream media has joined the loony bin and crossed that very blurry line...

What kind of news organization would allow themselves to make a crazy promo like that?  Unlike the news team that I trusted and watched, while growing up!

 Tony Lossano, Broadcast Producer (TV & Radio, Chicago), amateur bicyclist, a fantastic dog walker, and has never been married to Alyssa Milano.

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